If you have a relatively small yard, in many ways you’re actually in luck. It may not give you all the room you’ve always hoped for in terms of entertainment space or a place for your pets or children to play, but you can take solace in how much easier it is to take care of. Huge yards may seem appealing, but the amount of upkeep they require can be quite a pain. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to bend over backwards to keep your grass presentable week in and week out.

In many cases, you’ll still need a lawnmower to keep the yard cut however. There are so many options available that it becomes a bit difficult to figure out what you need however. In an effort to help you get off on the right foot when it comes to your lawn care, here’s how to find the best lawn mower for small yards:

1 Keep It Simple

If you don’t have an awful lot of grass to deal with and your yard is basically on a flat surface, using a simple push mower is going to be your best bet. You don’t have to break the bank to spring for one of the higher end models with tons of features. You won’t even need a riding mower. The standard red lawn mower that’s all been burned into our brains will do the trick, and you can likely find a great, reliable model for only $100 at the very most.

2 Buy Out Of Season

You can potentially spend even less on a higher quality lawn mower model if you buy when the traditional grass cutting seasons of spring and summer are gone for the year. Find any store with a dedicated lawn care section and scope it out as the summer months are winding down. If you find somewhere that’s still stocking lawn mowers in the winter, you’ll save even more.

3 Consider A Weed Eater

If your yard is especially small, you might only need a weed eater rather than a lawn mower. If you don’t want any complications, try to avoid any models that require a mixture of oil and fuel to run. With a weed eater, you can just buzz any unruly grass blades down every week or so and save yourself the physical strain of pushing a standard lawn mower around.

4 Get Rid Of The Grass Altogether

If you don’t care either way about having a yard full of lush green grass, you can always get rid of it altogether. You can use grass killing treatments to kill it outright, or cover the yard with a tightly fitted tarp to slowly do so through sun deprivation. You can then replace the natural grass with some form of turf or even pavement. Just be sure you have the right permits to do so on your property before getting too far into the project! To know more contact us or visit the website at https://ziehlerlawncare.com/lawn-care-maineville-ohio/.