Like pain, music is subjective, it is something that each person has his or her own specific opinion about. Each people have different taste, preference, and each types of music has its own way of having a meaning and impact on a person.

A music can bring relaxation, it can be sooth and calm, it can be a source of energy to a person.

There are various types or genres of music in today’s music industry—it can be rap, pop, rock, country, indie, alternative, and hardcore, these genres are the most listened and abundant genre of the music industry.

Music radiates positive or negative emotions, it can give a big impact on the actions of a person. Did you know that there are more people who became close because they have the same taste of music? Those people who have the same taste of music hang out together, there are some people who does not want to associate with people who has different taste of music, because their opinions may differ and it becomes the reason why they argue.

The rap and rock music genre are two essential genres of music in the world. These kind of music help out the teenagers, it gives them messages. The lyrics sung or rapped by the artists can be the things that is going on in their personal lives, and people with the same kind of problems can listen to them so they know that there is hope, and there are people who can understand them. Music can be a catalyst for new ideas. When people encounter types of music that can make them learn different things going on in the world and they have become more open-minded because they are exposed to different kind of artists.

Most of the people have concluded that rap music has the most impact in the music industry. Carefully listen to the music, it subtly revolves around what is going on in the world. It is mostly about sex and drugs. If  you can observe, most music videos made by rap artists include these sensitive topic.

People tell what is going on in the society through the use of music. Music became a mode of expression, it is used by people to express themselves through context that they cannot express themselves through actions or behavior. Just like poetry, music is art. You can tell how a person is going through their day, or what they feel through the music that they are listening.

Groups of people come together and gather at concerts, shows, and venues—some are there to listen, some are there to share their music. These people show their common interests and likes.

As a listener, we can personally tell that, yes, music has its own way of affecting our lives. Each word, each tune, each sound may be different from different bands or artists, but they make us feel the same.

The music we listen, can describe who we are as a person.