In this generation, most teenagers have an ample time listening to music, it became their daily routine. We cannot deny that each teens have their own favorite band or favorite singers. Teenagers often than not, have a similar taste in music as their friends have. With teenagers and peers, social acceptance is an important issue for them, the people around them can easily influence the type of music teenagers listen to regularly.

Music is often associated with the teenager’s identity. It has become an outlet for teens, it became their mode to express their thoughts and emotions that they find difficult to talk about. Most teens choose the type of music, band, and artists who they identify with or who they can reflect their personal dilemmas. It became a method for them to rebel against their parents, this might cause generational conflicts, but it can also be a source for a healthy process of growing up.

However, there are music that can have a negative influence of teenagers. There are music that glorifies and contains violence. But, in another note, teenagers who listen to violent music can have an outlet for their anger and frustration without getting into trouble. It solely depends on how the teenager accepts and makes it influence them. Those teens who have a temperament issue, who becomes agitated should avoid this kind of music.

Some music choices are associated with how a person act and think—teenagers who listen to heavy metal, gangster rap, and punk are said to be antisocial. However, there are types of music that have less involvement with crime, such as country music, world music, classical music, pop music, folk music, and jazz music.

Teenagers does not only listen to music, they can interact with music. It can sometimes be a way to escape from reality, from the overwhelming problems in life, however, it is not the best solution for those who are depressed. There is a study that claimed, people who immerse themselves more on depressive music have a high tendency on having depression. Thus, choose books or movies instead of music.

Some teenagers are in a band, parents encourage their child to join the school band. This can be a positive output for their children, this can be a great way to interact with other people than let the music consume them. Musically inclined teenagers either, join the school band or make their own small band which they can freely choose the type of music they can perform. You know, teenagers who have a talent in playing a musical instrument have a lifetime of enjoyment.

A total reminder for teens to lower down their music volume. Well, we all know it is a defense mechanism to escape from the people around us, but those who tend to listen at high volumes damage their hearing. A person who plays at a maximum volume can acquire a permanent hearing damage after about 30 minutes of playing the music. Thus, tone it down a bit!