If you’ve been to the store and looked at the prices on desks lately, most likely you came away surprised. In the past you could find an inexpensive desk that would last for 5 to 7 years for way under $100. Now, you’re lucky to get a piece of junk for more than $250 or more. There are some things you can do to save a ton of money and one of them would be to make your own DIY hanging shelf desk from parts you can easily find at the hardware store.

There Are Dozens Of Designs Available Online

Some of the designs you’ll find float from ropes or chains mounted directed from the ceiling and the desk itself is free floating. Others will have either wall brackets or hinges that mount to the wall and then the other half hangs from the ceiling. As you look through all of the different styles, you’re bound to find one that not only fit the space that you have, but may utilize some materials you have as well. Follow window desk ideas to save more space and to be more creative.

If you already have some good, strong gate hinges, like the kind used on a heavy gate you’re half way there already. These hinges are almost always sold in those discount stores for just a few dollars each. They hold a lot of weight and are usually galvanized to resist rust. If you’re lucky, they’ll come with some lag bolts that you can use to secure them to the wall, saving you a few dollars there too.

Find A Good Spot Where You Want To Place The Desk

Once you have found the right spot, you’ll want to measure up from the floor and place the desk at the right height. Measure some of the tables, cabinets, and other desks in your home to see how many inches they are above the floor. Sit in a chair in front of some of them to see if the height is right for your, or your child, for whatever they plan on doing at the desk. Computers should sit at your regular eye level so your nose would hit the screen square in the middle.

For writing purposes, you’ll want your elbows to rest comfortably as you write with no back strain, reaching, or stretching involved. Once you have the right height above the floor, mark a pencil line on the wall. Then, mount the hinges on your desktop, whether it’s piece of plywood or just one board. While you have a helper hold the desktop, fasten the hinges to the wall securely with the lag bolts.

If You Have Some Rope Or Chain You’re Almost Done

Attach some large eye-bolts to the front of the desktop, one on each front corner. Now, have your assistant hold the desk perfectly level while you measure for the amount of chain or rope to reach the ceiling. Install two more eye-bolts in the ceiling, that are directly above the two below on your desk. Once you have the distance correct, cut your chain to the right length and install it using links that you can find in the hardware store right next to the chain.

You’ve done a good job and now you have a nice desk that can be folded away when not needed. It should be plenty sturdy, but don’t sit on it until you’ve thoroughly tested it. If you check on the internet, you’ll find plenty of plans to go by, and lots of pictures showing what it will look like when you’re done. Learn more here or contact us directly by visiting our site.