Music is an art that comes from the soul of a person, its bliss makes everyone admire it. It is not easy to define what music is, for each music has its own subjective meaning to the listener. Music is created through different types of instrument that can be soothing or desirable for the listener’s ear. A music can be divided into different kinds of categories called ‘genre’.

We find ourselves asking, ‘what is genre all about?’ to answer your question. A genre is a group of music styles that has the same or common tradition and fundamental values. The type of genre reflects when the music was composed and made to the certain time when it was created.

Jazz Music: This kind of music was developed among the black community of the Southern United States. It is sometimes called the ‘classical version’ of the blues music, jazz music originated from the gospel music also. The African influence on this style of music is identified with the strong and prominent meter. Jazz has a forceful rhythm with a broader scope as it is extended by each artists.

John McLaughlin and Louis Armstrong are two of the most notable performers of jazz music. Moreover, here are the list of some of the subgenres of jazz:

  • Cool jazz
  • Jazz blues
  • Jazz rock
  • Continental jazz, and
  • Soul jazz
  • Bossa nova

Hip hop Music: This kind of music is one of the most popular modern genres, it has emerged from the modern genre of music. People are often confused with hip hop and rap, they are almost interchangeable. Rap is only a part of hip hop, rapping is uttering rhymed words over a beat.

The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, and Fergie are one of the notable group and performers of the hip hop music.

Rock Music: This type of music has two styles, the plain rock that was developed with the fusion of blues and country with a hint of jazz, and rock and roll which is classified with the extensive use of snare drum. Rock music is admired with the strong beat and simple melody, it has a beat derived from the rhythm and beat of blue music. Meanwhile, rock and roll has a strong back beat with a strong vocal melody. It has fast tampered songs on electric guitars and has an obscure lyrics.

The Beatles, U2, and Nirvana are one of the notable bands of Rock Music, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Kurt Cobain are one of the notable performers of Rock Music. Moreover, here is a list of some of the subgenres of rock:

  • Heavy metal
  • Hard rock
  • Punk rock
  • Pop rock
  • Indie pop

Pop music: Pop is a shortcut for popular, it has no particular standard for a music to be a part of this genre. The commercial success makes it a parameter to be a pop song. The song is made up of a verse and a repeated chorus.