When the cooler weather arrives, one of the first things homeowners notice is their lawn. It becomes covered with frost, and this causes many people to ask the question “is frost harmful for your lawn?” If you want to find out more about this, then continue to read on.

Why Does Frost Form & Why Is It Harmful

When the conditions are right, then dew can form on your grass. The dew can freeze when the grass is colder than the air, which results in frost. What makes this a huge problem is that your lawn needs water. When the lawn attempts to absorb the liquid, then it can freeze.

If the liquid freezes in the grass, then this is when frost can be an issue. In fact, frost can be extremely harmful. This is why it’s a good idea to try to take action as soon as possible.

What Are The Signs Of Frost Damage

The signs of frost damage will depend on the type of grass it is affecting. For example, if your lawn is made up of Bermuda grass, then frost can cause it to become brown and patchy. If the weather doesn’t warm up, then the Bermuda grass will end up dying very quickly.

Another example is if you have Saint Augustine grass. This type of grass can turn various colors, such as brown, purple and yellow. If your grass has turned different colors or your lawn has giant patchy areas, then there’s a chance this is because of frost.

Minimizing The Damage Frost Can Cause

The bad news is there’s not really a whole lot you can do to prevent frost or the potential damage it can cause. The good news is there is action you can take if you want to minimize frost damage. There are two main things you can do, and these include:

1. Not Going On Your Lawn- One of the best things to do is stay off your lawn. Do not go onto it when there is moisture on it because doing so will only cause the soil to become compact. The roots will struggle to receive the nutrients they need. The bottom line is to make sure you stay off the lawn when you notice there is frost on it.

2. Plant Grass In The Sun- Sure, this tip doesn’t really do you any good if the season has already arrived or almost here. However, you should try to plant your grass in the sun. By doing this, your grass will heat up and the frost should melt away fast. The more sun your lawn receives, the less likely it will frost over or it will not stay frosted for too long.

If you are concerned with frost affecting your lawn or if frost has damaged your lawn, then contact a lawn professional. They will be more than happy to treat your lawn after the frost has finally gone. The sooner you hire a lawn professional, the sooner your lawn will look great again. Visit at http://discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-springboro to know more about mowing the lawn.