There are quite a few different types of floating desks that you can use in your office. Some of the more popular ones will have drawers. The reason that many people will not get them with drawers is that, if you decide to fold this up, everything inside is going to be moved around. However, some people find this beneficial to store everything like a regular desk. If you don’t mind things jostling around, this might be exactly what you need. This is how you can build a custom floating desk with drawers that will be designed to your specifications.

What Components Where You Need To Create This?

There are several components that you are going to need. First of all, assuming that you are building this will lumber, you are going to need the flat sheets of lumber for the project. You could use particleboard, plywood, or something similar. You will need to have a jigsaw where you can cut all of the different components to size. The largest one is going to be the surface of the floating desk. You will then want to measure out the size of the drawers that you will want. Once you have built the drawers, you will then need to have the metal components where they will be able to slide in and out. In addition to this, you will need the bolts, screws, and other materials that will fasten it to the wall. This will also include hinges and a latch. As long as you are put it together properly, affixing it to the bottom of the flat portion of the floating desk, it will be ready to hang.

Why Would You Want To Use A Floating Desk?

It floating desk can be helpful if you are in an area that does not have a lot of walking space. It is also very useful if you are only using this for projects occasionally. For example, if you are doing scrap booking, or if you are planning some type of a presentation, you do not necessarily have to have the desk all the time. With the addition of the drawers, you can store all of the different things that you will need to do your projects, making these very useful.

Why You Should Put A Bottom On The Floating Desk

If you are going to fold this up most of the time, you certainly want to have a bottom to the floating desk. If you have drawers, they are going to be very difficult to mask. However, if you have a bottom to the floating desk, they will not be seen. It will be a flat surface, hiding the drawers from site. This simply requires you to drill holes into that secondary piece of plywood or particleboard so that you can fasten it to the bottom.

Building a custom floating desk, especially with drawers, might be much more difficult than you would imagine. If you have never done woodworking, or home improvement projects, you may not even have the tools that will be necessary. If this is a project that you would like to embark upon, you may want to watch a few videos on how to put one together. You can simply copy what they are doing. You can also modify the desk to your specifications once you know how to build a floating desk that will also conveniently have drawers. Get to know more at